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includes links to Forest pest fact sheets

State Invasive Pest programs

   CT Invasive Plant Working Group
        Invasive Plants in CT - USDA Nat. Res. Cons. Ser.

   MA Introduced Pests Outreach Project
      MA Prohibited Invasive Plants List
         MA Conservation Commissions Invasive Plant Resources
            MA Purple Loosestrife Control Project
               MA Aquatic Weeds

                     MA Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan

   ME Natural Areas Program
      ME Agric. Pest Survey
         ME Major Invasive Pest Threats
            ME Aquatic Weeds
               ME Invasive Marine Organisms

   NH Invasive Species Committee
      NH Aquatic Weeds


   RI Invasive Plant List

   VT Aquatic Nuisance Species


Invasive Pest Info

   Invasive pest fact sheets - Superb list by MA Introduced Pests Outreach Project

   Invasive forest pest fact sheets - US Forest Service

   Invasive pest news and fact sheet links - USDA - great pictures, some with links to fact sheets


Regional & National Programs

   Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

   EPA-New England Invasive Species resource page

   Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Panel

   Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society

   Nonindigenous Aquatic Plant and Animals in the Northeast (large 5 megabyte pdf)

   USDA invasive pest survey maps

   Harmful Invasive Species in the US - slow link, but good report.

   U.S. Forest Service video on roadside invasive plant management

   Biological invaders in New England TV transcript with lesson plans

   PlantNative site with lists of native ornamental species and suppliers

High priority invasive species

   PRONewEngland Invasive Pest ID card

   Asian longhorned beetle

   Brown marmorated stink bug

   Emerald ash borer

   European imported red ant

   Gypsy moth

   Hemlock wooly adelgid

   Lily leaf beetle

   Pine shoot beetle

   Viburnum leaf beetle

Plant Diseases

   Sudden oak death



   Eurasian watermilfoil

   Giant hogweed

   Purple loosestrife

   Invasive Plants in the Landscape



Forest Pest Fact Sheets

   Forest pest fact sheets - Maine Dept. of Conservation

   Forest and landscape tree insect pests - UMass

   Forest and landscape tree diseases - UMass

   Northeast Forest and Tree Pest Alerts - USDA



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